We engineered Byrd to be a Universal Flying Platform with a modular design system that allows you to set up Byrd exactly how you want it. Capture and share your spectacular moments with unlimited variety in vivid detail. We meticulously designed a Universal Flying Platform to support endless combinations. Quickly swap out your gimbal and camera to create the perfect set up for you.

  1. Integrated 4K Camera Gimbal

  2. ILDC Gimbal

  3. Integrated Infrared Camera Gimbal

  4. GOPRO HERO4 Gimbal

  5. Integrated 1080P Gimbal

Extreme delivery

The Universal Flying Platform changes the drone game completely. No longer will people need to buy a new drone just to upgrade to the newest cameras. Because of Byrd’s extreme power and modular gimbal system, you can simply swap out an older camera gimbal for the latest and greatest camera. Not only that, users can switch out cameras based on their specific needs – change out a 4K for video to an infrared for search and rescue to a 10X optical zooming camera for industrial inspection.